Closing message Diamond League Western 2018

Diamond League Western 2018 has been concluded successfully.
We, the DLW Team, would like to express our gratitude to:
All competitors for their participation and the trust in us to organize a fine show.
All sponsor for their contributions that made it possible for us to hand over nice awards.
The owners and all the employees of Manege Het Keelven for their hospitality and willingness.
All judged and scribes for their effort.
Troullioud Fotografie for their professional way to capture the riders on the images.
All vendors for their contribution to the atmosphere.
All silent forces behind the scene.
All volunteers for their inexhaustible commitment and the many hands to deal with the hard work: a priceless and fantastic team.
We are already busy again with the organization of Diamond League Western 2019 en hope to welcome everybody back. Scheduled for May 30 until June 2 we, again, will offer a beautiful event: mark the date! Further details will be communicated through our various media channels www.dequarter.nl, www.wrsnieuws.nl, www.dlwestern.nl and our facebook page.

DLW Team.