Diamond League Western Buckle & Saddle standings

After concluding the third go-round of the Diamond League Western Buckle & Saddle Challenge 2018-2019 the following riders are in the lead in the various disciplines.
Western Horsemanship and Western Pleasure: Robyn Barkey.
Trail: Fleur Medema.
Ranch Trail: Fleur Medema.
Ranch Riding: Viola Barkey.
Reining: Liza Groot Severt.
The fourth go-round is scheduled for March 2019, the exact date still has to be announced. After concluding the finals during Diamond League Western 2019 the all-around winner will be determined and will be awarded with a Trophy saddle sponsored by DLW in cooperation with Eurohorse. One of the conditions to be eligible for the awards is entering 3 of the 4 go-rounds.