DLW Buckle & Saddle Challenge 2018-2019 III

The third preliminary round of the Diamond League Western Buckle & Saddle Challenge 2018-2019 is scheduled for November 24-25 at Beau Dandy’s in Woudenberg (NLD). In all offered disciplines the rider which has achieved the highest number of points after concluding the finals will receive a buckle, except for the discipline Ranch Trail. In this discipline the winner will receive a chest collar and bridle. To determine the winners no distinction is made between Amateur- and Open riders After concluding the finals at DLW 2019, scheduled for May 30 until and including June 2 2019, the all-round winner will be announced, receiving a Trophy saddle.
The current intermediate positions are as follows.
Western Horsemanship: Marloes Hoff.
Trail: Tessa Harren.
Western Pleasure: Robyn Barkey.
Ranch Riding: Viola Barkey.
Ranch Trail: Stefanie van Leeuwen.
Reining: Heleen Prinsen.
All-round: Fleur Medema.

Contact Ria de Vos for additional information by calling +31 (0) 683 259 095 or dropping a mail to info@beaudandys.nl.

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